Frequently asked questions


Until what time can we arrive at the campsite on Friday evening?

Until midnight, however, do not hesitate to contact Gwéna on +00 33 06 45 50 79 62 if you expect to arrive just in time or after.

I will arrive with a camping car, what is the price of the camping for such a vehicle?

As for a car, 10€ for the weekend.

I will arrive late at the campsite, can you reserve a place for me?

No need to book a pitch, the campsite is large enough for everyone.

I made a group booking of meals, camping, parking, but the different members of the team will arrive in several times. How do we proceed to collect our reservations?

At your choice, the first one to arrive picks up the entire order or just what he needs and leaves the booking envelope at the campsite entrance for the next ones.


I have booked a box, can we approach it to unload all our equipment ?

Yes to retrieve the keys and unload, then exit and park the vehicle outside.


How to add a team member?

Log in to the online space, via the link you received in the registration confirmation email and do as indicated "Modify my team" then "add a registration".

How long can I modify my teammates?

You can modify your team at will up to 15 days before the event.

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