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ūüŹĀ See you in 2022 ! ūüŹĀ

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After the cancellations in 2019 because of the heat wave, then in 2020 because of the lockdown, we were all waiting to finally be able to meet again. We were hoping to regain the exaltation of skating on the circuit of Le Mans, to share so many good moments and then we measure the deception that must be yours.

As you can see in the news at the moment, the sanitary conditions expected at the end of April would obviously not allow us to organize and welcome you in good conditions.

In spite of all our efforts to set up an adapted protocol it is also and especially the conviviality so specific to this 24H roller festival that could have been considerably degraded.

Because of the changes in competition calendars (Auto, Moto) on the circuit, no other dates are available later in the season. In the general interest and to protect everyone's health, we had to take the decision to postpone the event to 2022. The team is already working with the ACO (owner of the circuit) to find the date for this 20th edition (it will be a long time coming).

For teams registered in 2020 and having maintained their registration for 2021 an email will be sent to the captains in the coming days.

Two possible choices:


Your registration remains valid for the 24 H Rollers 2022 (date confirmed in June of this year).

> Note that this registration, if maintained, is always cancellable and refundable at the request of the team. The rules of the 2022 event will be modified to this effect.


- In the email sent in the next few days to the captains it will be possible to choose the refund option. This refund request will be possible until MONDAY 29 MARCH 2021.

ūüėÉ AND FOR THE REST ? We will continue to be active on our Facebook page throughout the year and share these long months of waiting with you.

ūüėČ It might have some surprises, stay connected and watch out for announcements on social networks !

Thank you for your loyalty and your many messages of solidarity ! ‚̧ԳŹ

We are all looking forward to being on the circuit!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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