Prepare the event

This section will be useful to help you prepare the event and will help you not to forget the essentials for your weekend on the circuit of the 24 Hours of Le Mans:

Create your team

More than 100,000 participants and hundreds of teams came to Le Mans


 You are thinking about it for the first time, we are here to guide you to your first Le Mans.

Here are some tips, a 10 POINTS method to build your team and participate in the biggest roller challenge in the world:

1. The composition

A Capitain- manager who will federate the team and orchestrate "The projet DEFIS 24H of Le MANS" »


2. Recruitment (from October- November)
  • Talk about the Le Mans 24-hour adventure around you: club or training partners, friends, family, etc. Many teams are created via social networks.

  • Talk about your project via social networks.

  • A team exchange is possible to complete your team: Team Exchange

3. Finance your registration (from October)

There are several ways to finance your participation :

  • Divide the cost of registration among teammates.

But also additional support :

  • Ask your club to participate in exchange for wearing your colours.

  • Approach partners such as your company or local companies.

  • Launch a fundraising campaign:

    • On participatory financing sites

    • By offering activities at local institutions

4. Register your team :

Once all these elements are in place, you can register your team here

Before January 10th you can benefit from preferential rates!

5. Prepare the trip (from may) :

Choose your mode of travel:

  • Travel in private cars between team members

  • Train (Group rate)

  • Bus ( request for quotation...)

Link to the page to access the circuit 

6. Prepare accommodation and food (from may) :

Take a review of the number of tents needed for camping:

Hotel room or a lodge equipped to be closer to the relay area. accommodation information

Take stock of the catering on site (meal booking is possible) or plan the "homemade meals" at the campsite (BBQ, pasta etc... etc...) :  food information

PPropose a possible "all-inclusive package": Registration + travel + accommodation. 

7. Collect documents (from may) 

DAsk your teammates to provide you with all the necessary documents, in paper format as they will be given to the secretariat and kept in archives.

Fill in the team information on the site in YOUR TEAM ACCOUNT.: list of documents to be provided

8. Logistics (from june) : 

FReview the equipment of the team box in the paddocks: microwave, kettle, coffee maker, etc.

9. We are almost there  (mid-june) : 

A last look at the checklist before taking the road: Checklist 24 Heures Rollers


It is time to let the whole organization unfold carefully prepared and take pleasure in sharing great moments together.


To not forget anything


  • Tent

  • Sleeping bag

  • Floor mats

  • Lamp

  • Garbage bags

  • Chairs / Table

  • Beverages

  • Food and drink

  • Cooking pots + cutlery

  • Cash and cheques (access to the campsite: 10 € per person and 10 € per vehicle)

  • Stove / Kettle + lighter / matches

  • Adapter for the campsite's electrical terminals

  • Photocopy of the FFRS licence mentioning "competition" or your médical certificate mentioning the absence of contraindication to the practice of roller skating in competition and dating from less than 12 months to 29 June 2019.

  • Photocopy of your ID card

  • Parental autorisation for minors aged 14 to 18 years old  (english version)

  • 4 safety pins to hang your bib

  • Body top / T-shirt similar to all members of your team

  • Roller skates

  • Wheel sets (provide special wheels in case of rain)

  • Spare parts and basic tools (wheel wrench...)

  • Headset

  • Protections

  • Belt canister holder

  • Personal refreshment (fruit, energy drinks, cereal bars...) Note that water is available during the event.

  • However, everyone is free to take with them enough food to eat.

  • Carte Vitale

  • Mutual Insurance Card

  • Change clothes (including several pairs of socks)

  • Clothing for rain

  • Warm clothing for the night

  • Shower towel + Shower gel. Free showers will be available in the Circuit des 24 heures du Mans area

  • Reflective strips for the night

  • Sunglasses + Flip flops

  • Sunscreen + Cap / Hat


Have a first aid kit in which you will take:

  • Drugs type Dolipran / Efferalgan in case of abdominal pain, headache....

  • Dressings + disinfectant

  • Elastoplast

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Condom box (the promiscuity of the boxes can create affinities...)


Plan what is necessary to equip your pitch in the boxes:

  • Chairs / Tables

  • Extension / Multi-socket (Be careful with the electrical installation in the box to avoid short circuits.)

  • Microwave / Coffee maker / Electric teapot (Stove, lighter and matches not allowed in the boxes)

  • Rope and hanger

  • Hook to attach your effects to the grids in the boxes

  • Be careful the pitches are only 9 m², they are a waiting area between the relays...

20180630 Depart et apres midi 062.jpg
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